Monday, 17 July 2017

GS Paper I - 17 July - The time for a second independence struggle has arrived.

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Essay Question - 17 July 2017 - GS Paper I

Seven decades have passed by since we got our freedom. We made a tryst with destiny, and a nation of barely 30 crores started its nascent journey. We are 135 crores now, and challenges are spiralling by the day. We need to resolve many, but are able to meet with, and resolve, only a handful. Demographic Dividend has become a cliche to be exploited in elections, and promises of making youth employable and nation productive are a work-in-progress. Many other nations - smaller and larger - have done much better. Isn't it time for serious introspection now?

Now, please write in 150 to 500 words on this topic -

With rising expectations of a largely young nation remaining unfulfilled, it's time for a second independence struggle - one that will be fought against our own apathy, ignorance and lack of cumulative will - to emerge as a world power.

एक विशाल और बेहद युवा आबादी वाले राष्ट्र की अनेकों आकांक्षाएं अधूरी ही रह गयी हैं, जिससे ज़ाहिर है कि एक दूसरे स्वाधीनता संग्राम का समय आ चुका है - एक संग्राम जो हम अपनी स्वयं की उदासीनता, अज्ञानता और सामूहिक इच्छाशक्ति की कमज़ोरी के विरुद्ध लड़ेंगे, ताकि हम एक विश्व शक्ति बन सकें।

Keep your answer in an essay format. Cover all crucial areas. Keep the language clear and understandable, style sweet, and if you are uploading images of a hand-written answer, make it clean and legible. Let's start now!

आपका उत्तर एक निबंध शैली में हो, जिसमें सभी महत्वपूर्ण मुद्दे शामिल हों. कृपया भाषा स्पष्ट रखें, शैली मधुर और यदि हस्त-लिखित पेपर का इमेज अपलोड कर रहे हों, तो साफ़ लेखनी भी हो. चलिए, शुरू हो जाएं!

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