Thursday, 27 July 2017

GS Paper IV - 27 July - The raging privacy debate in India raises fundamental questions of ethical values.

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Essay Question - 27 July 2017 - GS Paper IV

Ethics and moral values hold a place in modern society, dear to everyone. In the past few months, the raging debate on Aadhar (UIDAI) has raised many questions about the whole nature of our modern society - 'who has the right to own what data' being the fundamental question. Citizens merrily share personal data in return for 'free' digital services, and then complain when they realise what that data is used for. Governments collect all kinds of data, and expect ever more. Private companies exploit data in every possible form, while resisting sharing their own data with anyone. A curious mix, with many ethical and moral dimensions. Is privacy absolute?

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The raging privacy debate in India raises fundamental questions of ethical values - of private corporates, of governments, and of citizens too.

भारत में चल रही निजता पर गंभीर बहस नैतिक मापदंडों पर अनेकों मूल प्रश्न खड़े करती है - और ये मापदंड वास्ता रखते हैं निजी कंपनियों से, सरकारों से और स्वयं नागरिकों से भी.

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