Tuesday, 1 August 2017

GS Paper II - 01 August - The best way to radically improve civil services is by dismantling its feudal structure.

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Essay Question - 01 August 2017 - GS Paper II

Every time we discuss the quality of public services rendered to citizens of India, the painful fact that citizens are different from the officers and the official delivery structures, becomes evident. Popular literature reminds us that the "white sahibs" have gone and the "brown sahibs" have taken their place. The structure of civil services was designed to serve the British (the masters), and not the people (the slaves at that time). Today's India needs a totally new thought on this. We need to redesign the whole civil services, deglamourise it, deconstruct it, and then reconstruct from ground zero up keeping the citizen at the centre of it. But then, the supporters say this is all hogwash, and if the political interference alone can be taken care of, civil services can deliver more than expectations.

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The best way to radically improve civil services is by dismantling the feudal structure of civil services.

लोक सेवाओं को सुधारने का सर्वश्रेष्ठ तरीका होगा इनके सामंती ढांचे को तोड़ देना


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