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GS Paper IV - 03 August - NOTA or no NOTA, decriminalisation of politics needs political will first

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Essay Question - 03 August 2017 - GS Paper IV

The issue of NOTA came into focus once more when the Congress objected to the Election Commission's decision to make it a feature even in Rajya Sabha elections. The Congress stated some technicalities regarding proportional representation etc., but the Supreme Court refused to grant a stay. Whatever be the merits of the case, if the reports of the ADR (Association of Democratic Reforms - read more here) considered, the horrible scale of criminalisation of politics cannot be done away with merely with tinkering with NOTA or similar aspects. A wholesale reform is needed. The govt. did propose the electoral bonds in the budget 2017, but critics have derided that too.

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NOTA or no NOTA, unless politicians decide, decriminalisation of politics won't happen.

नोटा हो या न हो, जबतक हमारे राजनेता तय नहीं कर लेते, राजनीति का गैर-अपराधीकरण होना असंभव होगा

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