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Topic for Discussion - 29-January - For future's sake, history should never be involved with the present

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TOPIC FOR DISCUSSION - 29-January-2018

India often witnesses social stresses when any topic of History is brought up by a major film, or any other platform. Social tensions run strong, and various schools of thought pop up. Many support a version of history, claiming it to be the only authentic one. Some oppose certain versions, and may even get violent. In all the ruckus, the challenges of the present, meanwhile, go unaddressed. It is better that people stop paying attention to historical issues, other than what's needed for examinations. If we remain stuck to the past, we cannot focus on the present, and we end up compromising with the future.

Now, please write in 150 to 500 words on this topic -

For future's sake, history should never be involved with the present.

भविष्य की खातिर, हमें इतिहास को कभी भी वर्तमान में नहीं उलझाना चाहिए।  

Keep your answer in an essay format. Cover all crucial areas. Keep the language clear and understandable, style sweet, and if you are uploading images of a hand-written answer, make it clean and legible. Let's start now!

आपका उत्तर एक निबंध शैली में हो, जिसमें सभी महत्वपूर्ण मुद्दे शामिल हों. कृपया भाषा स्पष्ट रखें, शैली मधुर और यदि हस्त-लिखित पेपर का इमेज अपलोड कर रहे हों, तो साफ़ लेखनी भी हो. चलिए, शुरू हो जाएं!

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