Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Topic for Discussion - 17-January - The wranglings in topmost Indian Judiciary are a sign of healthy democracy

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TOPIC FOR DISCUSSION - 17-January-2018

When the four dissenting judges conducted the press meet, it was a mini earthquake in political and judicial circles of India. Their demand for more transparent bench allocations raised a fundamental issue cutting across all administrative cobwebs. While opinions differ regarding the correctness of the method adopted, but many agree that some changes are needed to make the system more transparent in functioning. From the Collegium system to the case allocation processes, from corruption to deciding on most fundamental constitutional questions, the Supreme Court is battling it out. As a hugely respected institution of India, we all look upto it. Some say it's a unhealthy discord, others are quite fine with what's going on.

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The wranglings at the topmost levels in Indian Judiciary are a sign of healthy democracy

न्यायपालिका के सर्वोच्च स्तर पर चल रही उठापटक एक स्वस्थ लोकतंत्र का द्योतक है  

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आपका उत्तर एक निबंध शैली में हो, जिसमें सभी महत्वपूर्ण मुद्दे शामिल हों. कृपया भाषा स्पष्ट रखें, शैली मधुर और यदि हस्त-लिखित पेपर का इमेज अपलोड कर रहे हों, तो साफ़ लेखनी भी हो. चलिए, शुरू हो जाएं!

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