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Topic for Discussion - 15-January - Aadhar is a safe system, the privacy hype is unnecessary

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TOPIC FOR DISCUSSION - 15-January-2018

Aadhar was initially conceptualised as a citizen identification scheme, and maybe for some other purposes. Gradually, it was built, and launched by UIDAI led by IT honcho Nadan Nilekani. Then, power shifted from the UPA to the NDA, and it was thought that Aadhar would be shelved. The reverse happened, and Aadhar was made nearly mandatory for every government scheme. Before one could realise, all private sector service providers too  started asking for Aadhar. Today, it is nearly compulsory for anything of any value! But the privacy concerns have raged ever since it became omnipresent. UIDAI defends itself stoutly, and says there's nothing to worry. Aadhar sceptics say everything is hackable, and unsecure.

Now, please write in 150 to 500 words on this topic -

Aadhar is a safe system, the privacy hype is unnecessary.

आधार एक सुरक्षित व्यवस्था है, और निजता की चिंताएं बेवजह का डर फैला रही हैं

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आपका उत्तर एक निबंध शैली में हो, जिसमें सभी महत्वपूर्ण मुद्दे शामिल हों. कृपया भाषा स्पष्ट रखें, शैली मधुर और यदि हस्त-लिखित पेपर का इमेज अपलोड कर रहे हों, तो साफ़ लेखनी भी हो. चलिए, शुरू हो जाएं!

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