Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Topic for Discussion - 31-January - Technology is a great enabling tool for environment protection

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TOPIC FOR DISCUSSION - 31-January-2018

There are worries that the world is headed for a warm future that could be the end of all that we have created cumulatively so far. Technology lets us find the concentration of CO2 in the environment, which is at dangerous levels. Technology also lets us map the destruction of the coral reefs in oceans, the defrosting of permafrost, the shrinking polar caps and the dying species. But it is the same technology that also gives us the chance to create negative emissions, to sequester carbon on a large scale and to meaningfully work at limiting temperature rise to a certain level. We cannot give up hope now, we have to protect ourselves, and technology will come to our rescue.

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Technology is a great enabling tool for environment protection

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