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Topic for Discussion - 02-February - The Union Budget 2018 is a delicate exercise in balance

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TOPIC FOR DISCUSSION - 02-February-2018

The annual exercise of the Central Government presenting its Budget creates a huge anticipation from many circles. Everyone eagerly looks forward to some "big bang" announcement that can have a meaningful impact on their specific livelihoods. For the finance minister, it is a tough task to try and make maximum groups happy with what new policies usher in. From farmers to traders, teachers to craftsmen, businesspersons to industries - everyone wants nothing but the best from the Budget. Clearly, an impossible task. For 2018-19, in a difficult fiscal situation, the Finance Minister has tried to balance things out in a fiscally tight situation. Or so it would seem. Is it good? Or bad? Or insipid? Or exciting?

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The Union Budget 2018 is a delicate exercise in balance

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