Friday, 16 March 2018

Topic for Discussion - 16-March- Growing antibiotic resistance will be the death knell for humanity.

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Reports and research indicate that antibiotic resistance in microbes is growing very rapidly. The cases of super-bugs are now frighteningly common across hospitals - these are situations where patients do not respond to most classes of antibiotics! We need to discover newer antibiotics to simply ensure that infections can be treated. If we fail to develop newer classes, we may find ourselves where we were prior to the discovery of penicillin. It is time for concerted action on all fronts.

Now, please write in 150 to 500 words on this topic -

Growing antibiotic resistance will be the death knell for humanity.

बढ़ता हुआ एंटी-बायोटिक प्रतिरोध मानवता के लिए मौत की दस्तक हो सकती है   

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