Thursday, 22 March 2018

Topic for Discussion - 22-March - The Facebook - Cambridge Analytica controversy reminds us of big data's perils

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The massive controversy that has broken out regarding FB and Cambridge Analytica reminds us of the dangers of big data, and how it can be used by data-scientists to do our psychographic profiling and influence our electoral choices. The Indian situation is no different - it seems that almost all political parties may have used some or the other such service, leading to big questions about how voters and citizens should engage with social media, and personal data sharing. These are big questions that go to the heart of democracy itself.

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The Facebook - Cambridge Analytica controversy reminds us of big data's perils

फेसबुक - कैंब्रिज एनालिटिका विवाद हमें बिग डाटा के खतरों के प्रति आगाह करता है   

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