Thursday 25 July 2019

CA with PT - Kashmir problem needs bilateral push | काश्मीर समस्या सुलझाने हेतु द्विपक्षीय समझ की आवश्यकता

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24 July 2019

The Kashmir problem needs a strong bilateral push to be resolved once and for all.

काश्मीर समस्या पूर्ण रूप से सुलझाने हेतु एक द्विपक्षीय समझ की आवश्यकता है 

The Shimla Agreement 1972 and the Lahore Declaration 1999 are clear in the understanding that any dispute over Kashmir will be resolved between India and Pakistan bilaterally. Given the long-running nature of the problem, it is time for India and Pak to come together and push for a bilateral solution once and for all.

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